What documents are required to apply for a personal loan?

What documents are required to apply for a personal loan?

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documents required to apply for a personal loan

Getting personal is always beneficial for those having a cash crunch and want to pursue their dreams, which may be either shopping, home renovation, travelling, and all. At that time, you can apply for personal loan easily, especially if you have a good credit score and you are eligible with all the documents required for the loan. However, the eligibility criteria and minimum requirement of salary depend and vary on the terms and conditions of the lenders, but the documents and eligibility criteria are almost the same. Therefore, we are providing brief details of the documents which are required for a personal loan. 

Documents Required for Personal Loan

Aadhar Card: To ensure the identity of the customers, an Adhar Card is required which is used as a unique Identity number.

PAN Card: PAN is required to get the credit score and your transactional history where the lenders can verify the current credit score and they can also get the ideas of current loans and existing EMIs. It is required to be ensured about all the liabilities.

Salary Slip: It’s all about getting the income proof which is essential and verified by the lender on a priority basis. If you are a salaried person, you need to send the current salary slip for a personal loan. The lenders often ask for three month’s salary slips to apply for a personal loan.

ITR report: ITR reposting is asked by the lenders, especially for the self-employed having their own business and they can get a personal loan easily if they have an ideal turnover.

Residential Certificates: Residential Certificates are taken by the lenders to verify the address and it is often used for the physical verification by the field executive.

Utility Bills: Various utility bills like electricity bills, gas bills, internet connection, and all help to verify the address and to ensure that your residential certificates match your address.

With all these documents you can apply for a personal loan at any time because all the lenders are associated with digital lending with different features that propel the speed of the entire process and some of them are like

Online Application: The application process is easy and always available where you can apply for a personal loan with all the documents.  

Instant Approval & Disbursal: The Approval process doesn’t take time because of the digital lending mechanism and your loan is approved and disbursed in a while.  

Easy Repayment: Digital lenders are providing easy repayment in online mode where you don’t have to wait longer.

Enhance the credit score: Frequent borrowing and repayment help you enhance your credit score easily and quickly.  


Once you get all the ideas and you already have all the mentioned documents, you can apply for a personal loan easily in an online mode only and therefore, you must be ready with all these documents before proceeding with the application process. With the ideal credit score and minimum requirements of salary, you can apply for a personal loan in Delhi NCR. Hence, if you are a salaried person or have your own business with perfect turnover, and you are looking for a personal loan, Apply now with easy steps and get the disbursal right now.

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