How to Protect Yourself from a Stock Market Crash

How to Protect Yourself from a Stock Market Crash

How to Protect Yourself from a Stock Market Crash (1)

We are all worried about losing our money when entering the stock market, and after incidents like the Covid pandemic, the stock market has faced a significant crash. A stock market crash is impossible to predict, but there are various strategies that investors can use to minimize its impact on their investment portfolio.

Resist the Urge to Sell in a Panic

When investors think they might face a fall in the stock market, they suddenly urge to sell all of their stocks to ensure they don’t lose a lot of money. Any negative news can influence any investor. However, historically we have seen that the best and worst-performing days of the stock market are very close to each other. Remember that fear leads to panic, especially among amateur investors, and this panic often makes investors sell their investments at meager prices during a crash. 

Do not make hasty purchasing decisions

Similarly, try not to panic and make impulsive purchases during a market crash. When markets are down, everyone is encouraged to buy stocks, but it becomes the best opportunity to invest with just valuations. However, in such circumstances, investors overlook their risk tolerance which is a crucial aspect while investing.

Keep Your Portfolio balanced always.

Portfolio rebalancing is a strategy that helps you reduce the overall threat in your investment portfolio to give better returns on your investments in the future when the market booms. The process involves buying and dealing with investments periodically, and the weight of each asset is maintained as per your targeted allocation.

Take Advantage Of Tax Laws

A fall in the stock market can be an ideal occasion to increase the post-tax returns on your investment by using duty-loss harvesting. Duty-loss harvesting involves dealing with your Collective Finances or stocks at a loss so that you can accumulate a capital loss. This capital loss can also be neutralized against capital earnings from other investments to reduce your duty burden and increase the post-tax returns from your investments.

Look After Your Finances

A stock request crash impacts a lot further than just the value of your investment portfolio. A stock market crash can also affect employment, real estate, etc. Don’t take new debt; managing your cash flows can be a few ways to lessen the impact.

Invest in Equities But Choose Very Precisely

A stock market crash provides you with the best occasion to enhance your equity allocation at a low cost. It allows you to switch to a more aggressive asset allocation from a comparatively conservative budget. Equity investments, especially when bought at low valuations, have an unmatched capability to boost your investment returns for long-term pretensions similar to withdrawal.

Focus on Making Long-Term Investments  

The stock market doesn’t go down to zero, it always recovers, and stock prices go over, reaching new-time highs. While short-term volatility is unavoidable, when you’re investing in Equities, this volatility affects you and your portfolio differently.


A stock market crash offers investors a unique occasion to grow their wealth. But to take advantage of a stock market crash, one must plan. The seven strategies help you deal with the crash and stay afloat. Also, you can grow your wealth significantly when the market recovers.

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